The customer astonishment training and customer champion certification program

Our two-in-one program consists of the Customer Astonishment Training program aimed at providing valuable knowledge and essential skill awareness necessary for organisations to successfully respond to global quality competition and the increasing standards of Service Excellence, and the Customer Champion Certification Program which is a home study program with first-rate standard for assessing personal excellence in delivering exceptional customer service.

Customer Astonishment Training

Our Customer Astonishment™ training program is committed to providing you with the overall customer service skills that will sustain lasting customer loyalty and provide you with valuable on-the-job expertise.

Benefits of the Program

  • At the completion of this program you will be able to target four opportunities to positively astonish your customers:
    1. Provide exceptional service in meeting their stated needs,
    2. Anticipate customer needs,
    3. Identify parallel and related customer needs that represent new business opportunities,
    4. Establish a leadership posture in the customer’s eyes through continuous innovation.
  • You will be able to distinguish between Process Driven, Customer Driven, and Customer Need Driven.
  • This program will help you to identify and successfully manage those moments whereupon the customer forms crucial first impressions of your organization, its products/services and people.
  • This program will strengthen your commitment to effective customer communication in all of its forms.
  • Learning/Skill Development: you will also be capable of identifying possible new areas of knowledge and skill development for the future.

​Principal Topics to Be Covered

  1. Customer Satisfaction: The FOUR BASIC BUILDING BLOCKS,
  2. Safeguard Your Chain Of Customers,
  3. Customer Need Driven: To Find a Need and Fill It,
  4. Align Your Culture With Customer Needs,
  5. World Class Problem Solving,
  6. Customer Astonishment: The R-A-E-I Strategy- to be Responsive, Anticipatory, Expansive and Intuitive,
  7. Customer Communication: Negotiating for Win/Win Outcomes,
  8. Develop Your Personal Pride Factors,
  9. Know Your Customer: Building Trust To Get Results, Influencing Your Customers,
  10. Become The Customer Champion.

​Certification Program

​CustomerChampion™ Certification is an important development of Cornerstone Professional Development, Arizona USA. It provides a basis for professional pride and outward recognition of an individual’s mastery of customer interaction skills.

​Benefits of the Program

  • Commitment: the certification process is an important opportunity to carefully examine your commitments to your customers.
  • Outward Recognition: The Customer Champion awards will signal to your associates and customers that you are a customer-focused professional. The effort you make to achieve certification will indicate how serious you are about Customer Satisfaction.
  • Credibility and Marketability: You will have one more professional credit to your name as you work to earn more responsibility and success in business.
  • Organizational Benefits: Your organisation will also benefit from a public awareness of the Customer Champion qualifications which you and your associates have achieved.

​Certification Process

Step 1- Examination:The first requirement for certification is to possess a working knowledge of basic customer care principles and practices. Our Customer Astonishment Training program will provide you with the communication techniques and problem solving methods that form the basis of successful customer relationships. While this training is beneficial, it is not a requirement for certification. The essential knowledge and skill awareness required to respond successfully to the CustomerChampion examination will be evident in the combination of your own on-the-job experience and in your study of the Customer Astonishment Handbook.  The examination consists of 50 multiple-choice questions (45 correct responses are required).
Step 2- Field Project:The CustomerChampion Certification booklet will provide detailed instructions for the completion of your Field Project. The project is an opportunity for you to target an important customer need or situation and to interact with a customer or customers to demonstrate one or more of the four dimensions of Customer Astonishment- to be Responsive, Anticipatory, Expansive, and Intuitive (R-A-E-I).
Step 3 – Technical Verification: Technical competence is one dimension of your capabilities in serving your customers that the CustomerChampion Institute staff cannot assess. This is your technical readiness to perform your job competently and to bring adequate product knowledge and product skill to bear on the needs of your customers. Thus, we invite each CustomerChampion candidate to verify that the following training and skill development has occurred or is scheduled to occur:

  • Product and Process Knowledge/Skill,
  • Business/ Industry Knowledge,
  • Technological Know-How,
  • Organisational Policies/ Procedures.

Certification: Upon program completion, the CustomerChampion candidate will pledge to take personal responsibility for the level of competence and professionalism necessary to satisfy the needs of his/her own external and internal customers and to do so in the very best interest of these customers. The Byron Institute will certify that the candidate has successfully completed the three steps of the CustomerChampion program.

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